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March 27, 2017 - With the update of i Tunes 12.6, Tunes Kit rolls out new versions quickly for its three Windows DRM Removal software including DRM Media Converter, Audiobook Converter, Apple Music Converter to optimize the performance on i Tunes 12.6 and help users get better experience of using the software.

“Our DRM software are mainly i Tunes-based which depends on i Tunes to work, so we pay close attention to i Tunes all the time and do our best to release new versions as soon as a newer i Tunes version comes out.

Regular users can simply click the upper- right icon with 3 dash-lines in the software main screens and choose’ Check for Updates’ to update to the latest versions quickly.

New users can download directly to try these new versions or buy the software from the official website. By offering kinds of DRM removal software to remove restrictions of i Tunes DRM in a legal way, users can enjoy videos, music, audiobooks everywhere freely.

It may be easier to check your DRM-free harvest on another computer you own.

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Apple Music Converter for Windows - A very convenient tool to convert Apple M4P music without quality loss.

Besides the update of i Tunes 12.6 compatibility, the new versions optimize the converting speed, stability and fix bugs.

DRM Media Converter for Windows - Known as the best software to remove DRM from i Tunes M4V videos.

To trade in an i Tunes Minus file, delete it from i Tunes (declining the app's offer to delete the song from i Cloud), and you'll see the song will remain in your i Tunes library.

Right-click it and select "Download" to get an i Tunes Plus replacement. The free version of Google Play Music will also provide high-quality, DRM-free matches of songs you upload--including i Tunes Minus tracks, as a helpful Reddit thread informed me.

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