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A FORMER police officer told the Kennedy royal commission yesterday of his career of corrupt and criminal conduct stretching almost 20 years.

The officer - codenamed L5 - implicated almost 40 officers and former officers.

It had dealt with 135 applications for legal aid to consider fresh appeals.

Generally such appeals were merited where the person had maintained their innocence and claimed they had been a victim of tainted evidence.

"Cricket bats and baseball bats were quite popular.

If their actions were challenged in court, they lied their way out of it.

In NSW, at least 17 people had convictions quashed following admissions of tainted evidence at the Wood royal commission into police corruption.

NSW Legal Aid Commission director of criminal law Doug Humphries said yesterday that a further three appeals were still in process and the commission was confident they would result in convictions being quashed.

He quickly found himself smoking cannabis, dealing in drugs and stealing seized drugs so they could be sold by informants.

L5 told the commission that when he first saw corrupt behaviour by colleagues he had a choice to make.

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