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As the migration trends toward returning to China, many Chinatowns, especially smaller ones like the one in Washington DC, begin to lose their initial mission.Today, many urban Chinatowns in the United States are becoming visitor centers rather than serving as the ethnic enclaves they once were, although the rapidly growing satellite New York City Chinatowns in the boroughs of Queens and Brooklyn on Long Island represent a stark exception to this trend in North America, fueled by continuing robust levels of large-scale immigration from mainland China specifically directed toward New York.Throughout Sacramento's Chinatown history there were fires, acts of discrimination, and prejudicial legislation such as the Chinese Exclusion Act that was not repealed until 1943.The mysterious fires were thought to be set off by those who did not take a liking to the Chinese working class.However, most of its Chinese businesses and architecture are gone.The neighborhood had a vibrant Chinese community in the early 1900s.Irvine is a growing suburban Chinatown in Orange County as more Chinese are expanding out of the San Gabriel Valley.

The earliest Chinatowns tended to be on the west coast while the newer ones are being built in lesser profile cities as opportunities shift.

Historically, most Chinatowns started as enclaves of ethnic Chinese people.

Many of these Chinatowns have experienced gentrification as the demographics shifted.

China Alley was parallel with Main Street and extended easterly off Figueroa Street between Main and Santa Clara Streets.

The Sacramento River delta town of Locke was built in 1915 as a distinct rural Chinese enclave.

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