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US Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis said sunlight is the best disinfectant.

Use widely-distributed public open letters cast their deeds into full view.

Labor Minister for the Public Service Gary Gray appeared to drive a wedge when he said: This week The Canberra Times referred to a number of allegations about fraud, corruption and misconduct in the public service, which were previously reported in the Sydney Morning Herald.

The Canberra Times rightly pointed out that there is no evidence of endemic corruption, or a culture of complacency, in the APS [Australian Public Service].

Wendy Bacon says: If you cant find an experienced journalist, look for a highly-motivated final year student or recent graduate who can arrange mentoring through their university.

Universities do some very good investigative journalism, but you need access to experience. The most important skill here is to write efficiently; take that 12 page letter and reduce it to 800 words. The shorter something is, the more people will see and read it.

Government departments even Health and Aging have warrantless access to your communications so corrupt officials and the AFP (who prosecute whistleblowers) can see which journalists you are talking to.

The media needs to understand criticising the public service is not the same as criticising the government. Andrew Hooley of Victims of CSIRO says Always choose a journalist who has a reputation as an outstanding person in their field as they have far more regard for their reputation and will be more professional in their approach to the story.Im a whistleblower, and I wanted media coverage of my story. When my initial efforts were unsuccessful, I decided to find out more about how the media operate.Heres what I learned, drawing on contacts with many journalists and whistleblowers, some of whom are quoted going to the media is vindication that a journalist looked at their claim independently and found it was true.The false reassurance of imminent publication can lure a whistleblower to put in more work and expose themselves to more danger to get the story over the line.The best guide is, if the journalist isnt asking questions, theyre not working on it.

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