Error while updating online dating industry analysis

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Unsatisfied Dependency Exception: Error creating bean with name 'update Parameters Factory' defined in URL [bundle://156.0:0/META-INF/spring/atlassian-plugins-components.xml]: Unsatisfied dependency expressed through constructor argument with index 0 of type [com.api.pluginsettings.

Plugin Settings Factory]: : Error loading class [com.selfupdate.async.

I created zip files by command: nrfutil pkg generate --hw-version 52 --sd-req 0x9d --application-version 1 --application --key-file zip_When there is no application (i only flashed softdevice and bootloader) ewerything works, rtt log shows: "get: nrf_dfu_settings: Verify signature" and "nrf_dfu_settings: Image verified" But when i trying to update secound zip (changig application-version, same private key) i got error: nrf_dfu_settings: Signature failed Why signature only works for the first time?

On DK board, everything works fine, program is updating successfully many times.

Downloading butterfly repository to C:\Users\USER_NAME\App Data\Roaming\Mc Neel\Rhinoceros.0\scripts Copying butterfly source code from C:\Users\USER_NAME\App Data\Roaming\Mc Neel\Rhinoceros.0\scripts\butterfly-master\butterfly to C:\Users\USER_NAME\App Data\Roaming\Mc Neel\Rhinoceros.0\scripts\butterfly Downloading butterfly-plus repository to C:\Users\USER_NAME\App Data\Roaming\Mc Neel\Rhinoceros.0\scripts Copying butterfly source code from C:\Users\USER_NAME\App Data\Roaming\Mc Neel\Rhinoceros.0\scripts\butterfly-plus-master\butterfly_grasshopper to C:\Users\USER_NAME\App Data\Roaming\Mc Neel\Rhinoceros.0\scripts\butterfly_grasshopper Runtime error (Win32Exception): Windows Error Traceback: line 157, in makedirs, "C:\Program Files\Rhinoceros 5 (64-bit)\Plug-ins\Iron Python\Lib\" line 174, in copytree, "C:\Program Files\Rhinoceros 5 (64-bit)\Plug-ins\Iron Python\Lib\" line 84, in install Butterfly, " is one of those exceptions that can happen when Windows fails to create/delete a folder or file. Can you remove ``C:\Users\USER_NAME\App Data\Roaming\Mc Neel\Rhinoceros.0\scripts\butterfly C:\Users\USER_NAME\App Data\Roaming\Mc Neel\Rhinoceros.0\scripts\butterfly C:\Users\USER_NAME\App Data\Roaming\Mc Neel\Rhinoceros.0\scripts\butterfly_grasshopper C:\Users\USER_NAME\App Data\Roaming\Mc Neel\Rhinoceros.0\scripts\butterfly-plus-master Hi, I did what Mostafa said but I still have some outdated components like: grad XYZ as shoen below: moreover, As there is no BF in Food4Rhino and I just downloaded it from Git how could it be run ?

error while updating-14

error while updating-33

Device|0|[Rim:: Desktop:: Services:: Device:: App Loader:: Loader Client:: Handle Loader Error] Error description: Software update is disallowed by device IT policy .907|DEBUG|46|Rim.

Simple Async Task Manager] for bean with name 'simple Async Task Manager' defined in URL [bundle://156.0:0/META-INF/spring/atlassian-plugins-components.xml]: problem with class file or dependent class; nested exception is

[1] [9est:0] [HTTPProgrammer] [0x000020ac] [HTTPProgrammer.cpp:729] Error updating device software. Unable to connect to device, requesting user guidance.

That is normal as far as the versions are the same.

The date of component is the date that the component has been updated for the last time, and the last updated date for butterfly is the date that the source code has been updated.

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