Daisy lowe dating 2016

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A show source said: “Kevin has spoken to some of those close to him and admitted things aren’t going well between them at the minute.” Kevin touched on the difficulties they were facing when he said: “Strictly’s a hard few weeks for everyone.“Karen and I have found this year’s particularly hard as we’ve been in different places since the start — her in Manchester and London and me in Glasgow.” Insiders at the Strictly Come Dancing studio said the pair were barely talking between dance numbers. Karen and Kevin were paired for most of the group dances but once the cameras stopped they were at opposite ends of the room.” They are due to embark on their own 44-date UK tour in May.The 'curse' is a phenomenon that hits celebrities and their dance partners during their time on Strictly Come Dancing.Due to the harsh schedules, sexy dance moves and close quarters with their partners, their off-screen romances sometimes suffer as a result.On 2 December 2017 The Sun exclusively revealed that Jamie and Louise Redknapp are to divorce.The pair realised they could not save their 18-year marriage after spending so much time apart in the past year.Here are a list of celebrities and dancers who have appeared on the show and split with a loved one shortly after...Karen Clifton is said to be dating an accountant as her marriage to fellow dancer Kevin hits the rocks.

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A source close to the model revealed that Daisy and Bradley struggled to find enough time to spend together and after a discussion decided they would be better off as friends.

Daisy had been dating Bradley for five months but the pressure of Daisy's extra training put too much strain on the relationship.

The Strictly star and the footie pundit, 44, have barely seen each other since, as she tries to carve out a stage career.

A source close to the former Strictly runner-up said: “They have come to a mutual agreement that divorce is the only option.

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